"James Asmus and Jim Festante are stepping up to fill all your apocalyptic needs, Bible style."

– USA Today

"The kind of book everyone is going to be talking about...

An early contender for Best Mini-Series of 2013." – IGN

"A witty, deliciously offensive book...

A compelling buddy comedy with a foundation in epic catastrophe." – AV Club

"This book is AWESOME!

It's been a while since we've seen an original concept like this and executed so brilliantly, with this level of great writing." – Bleeding Cool

"A gleefully profane, blasphemous, and absurd look at the Apocalypse." 

– Slate Magazine

"A breath of fresh air.

It's original, funny with some killer art... 5/5 Stars!" – Major Spoilers

"Kind of amazing... a real discovery.

One might almost say a miracle." – CHUD

"Top quality material right from its inception...

An astounding opening issue." – Bloody Disgusting

"A thought-provoking but humorous look at the apocalypse."